Some Preliminary Thoughts

A vegan recipe binder

The purpose and shape of this blog are ever-changing, but one thing I do is post vegan recipes I like. Here's an attempt at ordering them:



spicy Thai peanut ramen (plus a tip on freezing ginger) // spicy garlic tofu (simple & delicious) // picadillo (aka arroz a la Cubana)

More involved

Jamaican curry seitan tacos (my own creation!) // tofu minced "pork" (quick once marinated; great in lettuce wraps) // vegan lasagna (with a luxurious, languorous sauce) // an excellent chow mein (might be weeknight-friendly if you're a fast chopper or use shredded veggies/a food processor)


vegan pancakes and (!) tofu scramble (we have this scramble weekly)

Soups & salads

one-pot roasted squash soup (an easy winter fridge-clearer) // Caesar salad (another weekly standby)


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