Some Preliminary Thoughts

Links for June 9, 2023

No book this week—I've miles to go with Anna Karenina, and I spent Thursday & Friday at The Advances in Social Genomics Conference. My dissertation (the proposal for which I'm currently writing) is aimed at studying how data-sharing works in social genomics, and how the human aspects of it—institutions, politics, economics, ethics—shape the field. So more thoughts on all that to come!

In "this is fine 🔥☕🐶🔥" news:

Marina's writing about machine learning, so here's a lot on that

By the way, can we stop calling it AI? The term's even less useful now than it was five years ago, when I first heard jokes about how "AI" was just what you called machine learning or neural networks when you wanted someone to give you millions of dollars.

"As I carefully pulled them out of the box one by one, I enjoyed feeling the weight of the information in my hands. It felt like stepping back onto dry land after a long boat ride. It's hard to put a name on that emotion."

Ssstrrreeeeetch 🐌

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