Some Preliminary Thoughts

Three quick updates

Not doing near as much reading now that the school year has started, so this blog’ll be a little quieter for a while, but:

  1. Marina’s doing a newsletter too! There’s currently no public archive, but the first edition went out yesterday, so let one of us know if you want to see it. You can (and should!) subscribe here for future updates.

  2. I had Covid last week. I’m fine now, but the current strain is a doozy — two days of being absolutely wiped out with fever/aches, and then I was coughing/fatigued for a few days longer than the previous couple times I've had it. Fortunately, there are updated vaccines out! Do yourself a favor and take 5 minutes to call your doctor/pharmacy or go to to schedule your shot. Future you will thank you. Also, think about what you can do to make your school/place of work less of a petri dish. Masks and air filters, for instance, still work!

Chow Mein

  1. This chow mein from Pick Up Limes is sooo good. Try it yourself! Probably a lot easier if you buy the carrots pre-shredded or use a food processor though.


Some Preliminary Thoughts

(collage of images by Dmitry Bogdanov and Smokeybjb; this and underlying images are all CC:BY-SA 3.0)

At least one unidentified species of this genus survived the end-Permian mass extinction and, in the absence of predators and herbivorous competitors, went on to thrive and re-radiate into a number of species within the genus,[15] becoming the most common group of terrestrial vertebrates during the Early Triassic; for a while, 95% of land vertebrates were Lystrosaurus.[15][16]

(via Wikipedia)

We stan a resilient queen.

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